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FRTLUBE Food Grade Grease

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FRTLUBE Food Grade Grease

2024-04-15 17:16:01
Case Study: Food Grade Bearing Grease.
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Customer's Situation

Customer Mohamed Radhi is specialize in beverage industry from Egypt,and the anti-wear and lubricity effect of the lubricating grease used before is average, and the adhesion becomes poor after a long time. The grease will become soft during machining, resulting in leakage. During normal operation, the grease will be thrown from the bearing seat into the bearing and lead to pollute the production line and equipments. The mechanical stability of the grease is not enough. During the transfer process, the soap structure of the grease will be mechanically disintegrated, causing the grease to be destroyed and thus losing its lubricating effect.

Customer's Purpose

It is required that the grease has good lubricity, anti-extreme pressure, anti-mechanical stability, excellent high and low temperature performance.The lubricant reduce grease consumption rates and operation noise?and the lubricant must be safe to be used in food processing equipment and lubricant must be NSF H1 for incidental food contact and lubricant must operate of temperatures up to 180°C.little evaporation loss at high temperature, prolongs high temperature lubrication life, maintains low friction torque under high and low temperature conditions, and reduces bearing energy consumption, excellent low-noise performance, making the bearing run more safely, excellent lubrication and anti-wear properties, significantly reducing bearing wear, and preventing bearings from jamming and locking the shaft under ultra-high loads.

FRTLUBE Solution

FRTLUBE team select all raw materials o meets NSF certification for incidental food contact H1,continuously optimize the formulation and repeat internal tested the anti wear performance
Currently customer use FRTLUBE food grade which greatly reduced grease consumption, resulting in reduction in labor for regreasing and downtimes, ultimately leading to cost reduction for the company.
Product Appearance Base Oil Temp Range (°C) NLGI
FRTLUBE HT810 Translucent Synthetic Oil -40C-180C 00/0/1/2

Comply with the standards required by EU RoHS and REACH; with NSF certification, certification number: 148738.


FRTLUBE HT810 food-grade high-temperature grease is a food-grade complex soap-based grease. The unique formula has passed the certification of NSF H1 for occasional contact with food. This is a multi-functional food machinery grease, which is widely used in the lubrication of food-grade grease with specific requirements.