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FRTLUBE Anti-Seize Grease

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FRTLUBE Anti-Seize Grease

2024-04-15 17:23:06
Case Study: FRTLUBE Anti-Seize Grease
Recommended Products: FRTLUBE Anti Seize Grease HT800.

Customer's Situation

Customer Hassan butt is from Pakistan and looking new anti seize grease for their tool joint drill machine ,his company were facing a toughest issue,they were using anti seize grease which it dry out fast and lack of lubricity.

Customer's Purpose

It is required that the grease has good lubricity,super high temperature performance(working temp up to almost 600c),and the lubricant must have good anti seize and prevent galling, seizing, corrosion, heat freezing, cold welding and the stripping of fittings and bolts.
On the other hand,customer is facing internal cost pressure .whereby they urgently need to find a new product to optimize costs.

FRTLUBE Solution

FRTLUBE team strong recommended HT800 copper anti seize grease,HT800 is a specially formulated anti-seize compound manufactured by combining fine copper particles and high grade corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. 
Product Appearance Base Oil TempRange (°C) NLGI
FRTLUBE HT800 Brown Mineral Oil -20C-650C 1-2

HT800 cooper grease is created through a procedure that combines oil with soap which it can both solve application problems and approach to customer budget as well.
This imparts a sticky quality to the grease which enables it to cling to the surface it has been applied to and stay in place longer. Copper grease is an anti-seize grease as opposed to a lubricant.


FRTLUBE HT800 has extremely resistant at high temperatures and outstanding lubricity performance and widely applied in HDD drilling machine,spark plug threads, exhaust manifold bolts, chains, bicycle seat posts, stems, knock sensors, thermostat housing bolts, fittings, brake system connections, and much more.And it greatly help customer reduce cost and improve using efficient as well.