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Gear Grease

Gear Grease


FRTLUBE PG221 Semi Fluid Gearbox Grease


※ FRTLUBE PG211/00 is a semi-fluid, heavy metal-free gear grease based on a very lubrication-efficient semi-synthetic base oil and a lithium complex soap as thickener.it is widely used for high-performance gearboxes.

PG211/00 gearbox grease is NLGI grade 00 semi-synthetic oil-based grease with lithium thickener and extreme pressure (EP) additives for incredibly high loads.PG211/00 high-performance gear grease is designed to protect high-temperature high load gearbox gears.

FRTLUBE gearbox greases are widely used in special designed for closed gears, gear teeth, and general gearboxes that need wear protection from high pressure, frictional corrosion & moisture condition.

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