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PTFE Grease

PTFE Grease


FRTLUBE FG100 Food Grade PFPE Grease


※ FRTLUBE FG100 is a clean, non-toxic food grade PTFE grease, which is based on food grade Perfluoropolyether oil(PFPEoil),It is suitable for aggressive environments such as acids/alkalis, vacuum, oxygen etc.

※ FRTLUBE FG100 food grade PFPE grease is a A medium viscosity, completely fluorinated oil possessing very wide temperature capability.It is specially designed for high food processing and medical equipments application. Food grade PTFE grease is with outstanding high and low temperature performance, excellent plastic and elastomer compatibility and resistance to aggressive chemicals,excellent load bearing characteristics and are chemically resistant for use in critical applications It is NSF H1 registered and approved for incidental food contact and can be safety used in food processing areas.

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