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FRTLUBE Specialty Grease Packaging


FRTLUBE Packaging

FRTLUBE offers a variety of standard packaging options for oils and greases. Choosing a standard packaging container will not only be your most cost-effective option, but it will also reduce the  delivery time. Hope the below information of FRTLUBE standard package will be helpful for you, if there are any details requirements, please contact us.

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Lubrication Basics


Lubrication Basics

There are a variety of greases and oils, which one grease is more suitable for our equipments? it is the key for us to select the suitable greases or oils products for our equipments. We had to make sure that your lubricant is compatible with your application' s operating requirements. Here are some factors you should consider when selecting a lubricant for your application: 1.Material Compatibility.  2. Operating Temperature. 3. Operating Environment.  4. Component Life Requirements.  5. Budget and so on Choice the right greases or oils products, it can extend the lifetime of machines, improve the high efficient and energy-saving. Armed with a little bit of knowledge and a few widely available tools, it is possible to rest easier knowing that the right grease is being used.

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Testing Ability7

Testing Ability


Testing Ability

A full complement of laboratory equipment enables us to accurately define the properties of a lubricant and analyze how it will behave with various structural materials under a broad range of operating conditions. Our equipment includes:

What is your current products? Hope we can provide the products testing service for you or share related testing data for you reference, please contact us. 
Our equipment includes:
Viscometer: Water Washout Tester
Rheometers: Vapor Pressure Test Stand
Vacuum Pump: Copper  Corrosion Tester
Shear Tester: Oxidation Stability Tester 
Penetrometers: Scanning Electron Microscope, and so on.

  • High &low temperature performanceb99
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation stabilityvzk
  • Testing Ability
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Data Download


Data Download

Located in Foshan city, Guangdong province China, Guangdong Shunde Feierte Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. is specializes in speciality lubricant developing and manufacturing, and FRTLUBE is the latest brand .We are passionate about in the innovation, formulation and manufacture of specialty lubricants, with a professional R & D service team and first-class production testing equipment.

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