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Raw Materials Inspections

Raw materials are the key to ensuring product quality. Every aspect of the selection of raw materials must be strictly controlled.
No matter in the selection of suppliers or the raw materials, we have developed a set of standard inspection procedures and systems.
All suppliers need to comply with the standards of  the highest quality to guarantee our quality and stable supply.

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R&D Department Inspection

FRTLUBE R&D team is committed to product development and raw material quality analysis.using the professional technology to select and analyze the best quality materials to develop new products in the first step .At the same time, compare with  different materials performance under the same standard, choose the best quality and most suitable materials to develop new products finally.

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QC Department inspection 

FRTLUBE QC department is the core department of product quality,they shoulder the mission of product quality,whether from the test of raw materials or the finished products,QC department concentrate their efforts on testing every link of work.

certificateThe Third Test Party Inspection

We provide a Certificate of Analysis/Compliance for every product released. FRTLUBE food grade grease is NSF H1 Registered and approved for incidental food contact. All products is approved by third testing organization with the transport safety inspection report . If you have any questions regarding customer surveys, conflict minerals, REACH, RoHs, SDS ,NSF or Transport Safety Inspection Report ’s, please use the appropriate contact links below:

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