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Electrical Contact Grease

Electrical Contact Grease


FRTLUBE EC10 Electrical Contact Grease


※ FRTLUBE EC10 Electrical Contact Grease.

※ FRTLUBE EC10 is a synthetic grease which is special design to significantly reduce wear and arcing,which is suitable for use with all materials used in the manufacture of electrical contacts & switch gear.

※ FRTLUBE EC10 Electrical Contact Grease is a low viscosity, completely synthetic oil possessing very wide temperature capability.It is specially intended for lubrication of electric contacts exposed to arcing conditions. It is long- lasting synthetic electric contact grease can keep contacts and connectors from becoming contaminated, resulting longer intervals between required cleaning and maintenance.

※ It is recommended for the lubrication of electrical contacts. It is special design for the protection and lubrication of copper, tin and silver surfaces against corrosion.

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