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Small Pack Grease Oil

Small Pack Grease Oil


FRTLUBE HT531 PTFE silicone grease


※ FRTLUBE HT531 is a special synthetic agent for use in the brake system. Extremely adherent, resistant to road salt and splash water. Prevents and eliminates squealing sounds from brakes that occur between the brake caliper pistons or contact points and brake lining.

※ HT531silicone grease is small grease packet ,normal package is 1grams,5 grams ,15 grams,smaller or large volume package,we support custom -made service for small grease packet.Grease packet materials can be plastic bags ,foil bags ,tube or cartridge,there are various options for customers.

※ It is easy to lube for end users with sachet packing when they maintain equipment .

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