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FRTLUBE High Temperature Chain Oil for Wood Industry

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FRTLUBE High Temperature Chain Oil for Wood Industry

2024-04-15 17:11:32
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Case Study:High Temperature Chain Oil For Wood Panel Industry.
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When comes to wood panel industry,probably most of us think it is quite traditional industry,actually it is very important, but that we ignore the most. wood panel manufactures face a number of challenges, wood panel equipment work under high temperatures, high humidity and heavy loads, not to mention large amounts of dust and pollutants. That require lubricant must meet high and harsh requirements, not only withstand high temperatures,chemicals and harsh environments while evaporation must be low  at high operating temperatures. Especially when used in continuous molding machines to produce particle board, where the temperature can up to 250ºC. Regular chain oil products are not enough to lubricate steel conveyors, chains and rods. High temperature chain oil plays an important role in wood panel equipment,just as blood gives life to our body, the proper chain oil  gives life to wood-based panel machinery.


FRTLUBE Speciality Lubricant For Wood Industry 

FRTLUBE LY601H is a high-performance ultra high temperature synthetic chain oil for wood-based panel presses,for chains running under rough conditions, specially formulated for the lubrication of high temperature chains operating application.LY606H high temperature chain oil provide high operational temperature ranges and unsurpassed thermal and oxidative stability performance,lubricity additives provide for maximum lubrication and minimum friction. With a low evaporation rate, keeping the formation of residues on the metal surface o a minimum.it is equivalent to HOTEMP SUPER CH 2-100.



· Improve wear protection and extend chain life  

· Wide temperature performance

· Low evaporation rate ,minimal residue

· Non-carbonizing

· Non-oxidizing

· High flash point

· EU Rohs and REACH certified

Typical Applications

· Continuous press production of fiber,particle boards and laminates.

· High temperature process ovens; drying operations

· Textile tenter frames, oven hinges and chain conveyors

· Mineral wool production and automotive paint shops 

Model Color Base oil                   Viscosity at 40°C Flash Point ℃
LY601H Yellow            Synthetic Oil                      105cst                                         >280