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Frtlube Co. Ltd. locates in the Pearl-River Delta, one of advanced industrial regions in China.  Our 30K square-foot Shunde-based complex includes R&D and production labs, clean room operations, packaging and production lines, and administrative offices.

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Frtlube founded in 2010, is a leader in the innovation, formulation and manufacture of specialty lubricants in China market,with a professional R & D service team and first-class production testing equipment.   We are passionate about solving your lubrication problems.

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Frtlube Mechanical Keyboard Grease

FRTLUBE Mechanical Keyboard Grease

Lubrication can eliminate the noise from the metal parts in the shaft body, such as spring sound and shrapnel sound, and the noise caused by the friction between the shaft body and the bottom shell guide rail. In addition, by lubricating certain parts of the shaft body, it can reduce the sound of shaft body touching the bottom and top while making the bottom and top sounds more dull and focused.
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Frtlube Food Grade Grease

FRTLUBE Food Grade Grease

Customer Mohamed Radhi is specialize in beverage industry from Egypt,and the anti-wear and lubricity effect of the lubricating grease used before is average, and the adhesion becomes poor after a long time. The grease will become soft during machining, resulting in leakage. During normal operation, the grease will be thrown from the bearing seat into the bearing and lead to pollute the production line and equipments. 
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Frtlube Anti-Seize Grease

FRTLUBE Anti-Seize Grease

It is required that the grease has good lubricity,super high temperature performance(working temp up to almost 600c),and the lubricant must have good anti seize and prevent galling, seizing, corrosion, heat freezing, cold welding and the stripping of fittings and bolts.
On the other hand,customer is facing internal cost pressure .whereby they urgently need to find a new product to optimize costs.
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