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Lubrication Basics

Lubricant Basics

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Lubrication Basics

2024-04-13 10:13:19

Each application places specific demands on the grease and its performance. Water, dirt, chemicals, temperature, operating speed, and load are all examples of parameters that need to be considered when choosing a product.

Here are some factors you should consider when selecting a lubricant for your application:

1)Material Compatibility 

2) Operating Temperature 

3)Operating Environment 

4)Component Life Requirements 

5)Budget and so on

Choice the right greases or oils products ,it can extend the lifetime of machines, improve the high efficient and energy-saving.

Armed with a little bit of knowledge and a few widely available tools, it is possible to rest easier knowing that the right grease is being used.

How to use and keep the grease and oils well ?

How the lubricant is applied to the device during manufacture is often critical to its success.

The correct quantity must be applied in the right location. In some applications, too much lubricant can be more detrimental than too little. Cleanliness of the lubricant is also an issue.

Here are some suggestion for you during using greases and oils

1)We can open the container by the lid opener

2)If grease is removed from a drum or pail, the surface of the remaining grease should be smoothed to prevent oil separation into the cavity

3) Always store greases upright to prevent oil separation

4) Containers should be kept closed and exposure to contaminants minimized

5) Dispose of contents and container in accordance with all local, regional, national and international regulations.