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FRTLUBE HC350 Silicone Oil

Silicone Oil

FRTLUBE HC350 Silicone Oil

※ FRTLUBE HC350 silicone fluid is crystal clear polydimethylsiloxanes with good waterproof performance.

※ HC350 silicone oil is a clear, odorless and colorless liquid and it is non-reactive polydimethylsiloxane with a viscosity of approx 350 mm²/s.

※ Silicone oil is the primary recommendation for use lubricating oil and thermal oil.

※ It is very compatible with most common seals.

  • Products Name ● Silicone Oil
  • Model ● HC350
  • Colour ● Transparent
  • Base oil ● Silicone Oil



Suitable for high temperature, high load mechanical shaft, injection molding machine mold thimble lubrication6rm

Various electrical appliances industry, office equipment, furniture accessories, high temperature processing equipment, 

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Lifetime sealed, maintenance-free bearingsmfq

Various household appliances, mechanism adjustment knobs, door and window buffering, etc.

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Oxygen and chlorine valves and pumping systems0ec

Silencer, heat transfer, resistance, waterproof and other functions.

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Technical Data


Products Name Silicone Oil
Model HC005
Colour Transparent
Kinematic viscosity 40 ℃
Base Oil Silicone Oil
Flash point(℃)
Pour point(℃)

Company Strength

Formulator and manufacturer of specialty lubricants
FRTLUBE is polydimethylsiloxanic fluid(silicone oil)manufacturer in China,its viscosity  is available in 50cSt,100cSt,350cSt,500cSt,1000cSt,12500cSt,60000cSt,FRTLUBE offer 
custom - make viscosity service.
✔ Service -oriented manufacturer
Provide one-on-one technical consulting services, provide optimization solutions, reduce costs, and enhance corporate competitiveness. 24-hour hotline service, regular return visits, no reason to exchange goods if there is a problem, and provide worry-free and assured services.

✔ Quality-oriented speciality lubricant manufacturer
FRTLUBE is continuously investing to optimize management and guarantee quality,and insure whole lubricant production from formulation to refined products to compliance with the ISO 9001 standards. We produce as per international standard and norm,no matter ASTM or GB standard.FRTLUBE aim for sustainable business pattern.

✔ What is silicone oil ?
Silicone oil, also known as silicone fluid, the most common silicone oils are linear navsiloxane compounds is a polymer composed of siloxane bonds, which are connections between silicon and oxygen. Silicone oils offer great thermal stability and flexible and flowable forms at extreme temperatures, silicone oil maintains consistent viscosity despite temperature fluctuations.silicone oils are widely recommended for  a range of industrial applications, such as machine lubricants, and consumer products like cosmetics and water-repellent clothing.


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